Facial Trauma / Reconstruction

Facial Trauma / Reconstruction

Blunt force to the mouth and facial region can be incredibly damaging. From knocked out teeth to deep lacerations, our oral surgeons possess experience and training to respond to acute trauma and emergency situations. Our team provides a level of compassion and precise care that helps our patients reclaim their quality of life, oral health, and confidence. Common causes of traumatic injuries include sports accidents, car wrecks, acts of violence, and accidental falls.


Facial traumas or injuries that require reconstructive procedures have a profound impact on patients. Traumatic injuries distress a patient physically and emotionally. Our team understands the unique nature of such injuries and approaches each patient in need with compassion and devotion.


Facial trauma can involve a variety of tissues including facial bones, teeth, gums, and even salivary glands. Teeth damaged by injury, for example, cannot self-heal, this means that reconstruction and surgical reattachment are necessary to preserve biological teeth. Broken facial bones require special attention, too. This is because they cannot be repositioned and stabilized with a cast like fractures in other parts of the body. Facial lacerations and intra oral lacerations, especially deep cuts, can affect tissues inside and outside the mouth and often require the expertise of an oral surgeon to assess which method of treatment is best for the extent of the wound. Lacerations are typically closed with sutures and our oral surgeons take deep consideration into providing care that will produce the best aesthetic outcome.

Reconstructive services aim to achieve two goals, the restoration of oral function and the reconstruction of a patient’s appearance. Our surgeons work with area hospitals to provide emergency care and reconstructive treatment to patients throughout our community.

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