Oral Surgeon team Branson
OMS currently has 74 employees, both full and part-time. At OMS we believe that family is important, therefore we have several employees that job-share. This allows for staffing adequate to meet the needs of our patients as well as meeting the needs of our employees and their families. Our staff is proud of our employee longevity. Twenty-two of our employees have been here over ten years, some for more than twenty!

Our front office staff is highly trained in meeting the needs of our patients. Our insurance and financial department is educated in insurance claim coding and filing specific to the oral surgery practice. All of our front office staff is cross-trained and many started out their careers at OMS as assistants – that gives them more of an insight into the frustrations that our patients face when dealing with insurance companies and finances, and the fear and anxiety that some patients feel. They are very compassionate and caring and will make every effort to help find a resolution to the problems faced when dealing with insurance companies.

Our staff is proud of our employee longevity. Twenty-two of our employees have been here over ten years, some for more than twenty!

Each doctor has a team of assistants that help him with his daily schedule. All of our surgical assistants have completed and passed the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Anesthesia Assistants Program and have IV Certification for our facility. They have annual medical emergency training as well as quarterly emergency procedure reviews.

Our recovery room is staffed with senior assistants and three registered nurses. They care for our patients after a surgical procedure that involves IV sedation (20 minutes minimum time spent in our recovery room). They also give after care instructions to the patient’s driver, making sure that they know how to care for you when you get home.

OMS has a ‘nurse on call’ that takes all of our post-operative calls. She is our on-the-phone advocate between the patient and doctor and is very helpful with information when you have a question or need.

Our scheduling staff are very knowledgeable in all aspects of the doctors schedules and do their very best to get our patients scheduled in a timely manner.

We also have an Implant Coordinator. Her job is to schedule all of our implant patients for surgery and to make sure that the proper implant hardware is ordered and ready for your surgery appointment. She is also the liaison between your OMS surgeon and your restorative dentist and keeps your dentist informed of your progress with healing and your readiness for your final prosthesis.

Our state-of-the-art sterile room is staffed by three employees that are dedicated to the complete and proper sterilization, maintenance and care of our surgical instruments.