Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery

Oral surgery refers to any type of surgical procedure that involves the oral and facial region. Our team at Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Group offers a variety of services that include bone grafting, dental implants placement, extractions, and procedures that are corrective or reconstructive in nature. In many cases, our surgeons work with other dental professionals including orthodontists, general dentists, periodontists, and pediatric dentists to provide comprehensive oral care to patients in our community.

Extractions and Impacted Tooth Exposure

Extractions and exposing impacted teeth are two of our common services. These types of procedures may be required for patients of all ages, including children. Younger patients often need an impacted tooth exposed or an extraction during the period of tooth transition. This period involves permanent teeth replacing baby teeth over time. Sometimes, children’s baby teeth do not fall out as quickly as they should. When this happens, emerging permanent teeth can crowd existing teeth or become impacted. An impacted tooth simply means that the tooth is unable to erupt from some type of obstruction and becomes “stuck” in the jawbone or gum tissue. Exposing an impacted tooth allows a tooth to erupt the gums properly. In some cases, our oral surgeons or an orthodontist can use oral appliances to help guide the tooth from the gums or jaw and into its proper position. These procedures may accompany orthodontic treatment, too.

Patient thoughts

“This is my second visit to OMS and I must say very pleased with staff and doctors, very fast, no waiting long periods, very professional. Will be back for all teeth problems. Don’t change, keep up the good work!”

A Practice for All Your Oral Surgery Needs

Our team is dedicated to our patients and community. We strive to provide excellent oral healthcare to all our patients. If your dentist or another medical professional has referred you to an oral surgeon, we invite you to call our office to set up an appointment with one of our skilled oral surgeons.