Can I drink water before surgery?

No. Nothing to eat or drink 6 hours before surgery.

I have a cold, do I need to reschedule?

If you don’t have a fever greater than 101F, you do not need to reschedule.

is it normal to be bruised?


How do I eat or drink with gauze in my mouth?

Do not do this. Take the Gauze out anytime you eat or drink and put fresh gauze in after you are done.

Ice does not feel good. Can I use heat?

Unless specified by your Dr., use ice, Ice helps with the swelling

I don’t think I got the correct prescription

Medications have more than one name (ex: Motrin=Advil=Ibuprofen). If your prescription is signed on the left side you can get a generic of the medication.

I see a white spot in the socket where the tooth was removed

This is normal. It is like a scab in the mouth.

I am still hurting day 2 of surgery

Pain is normal. Your 3rd day after surgery could be worse pain and swelling but should get better after that.

How do I put gauze in with my denture?

Put the same gauze in between the teeth as you would normally so that the denture fits tightly on the gums.

What if I get food in the hole where my tooth was?

Your mouth rinses should take care of any food getting trapped in the hole.

When can I start rinsing my mouth?

24 hours after surgery or when your bleeding stops.

Should I wake up during the night to change my gauze?

Not unless you are actively bleeding (saturating a gauze pad in less than an hour with bright red blood). If you are not bleeding, leave it out.

When will my hole close?

The socket (hole) heals from the inside out. The tissue will start to close over in 1-2 weeks and then it could take 2 months for the socket to completely heal.

What if my stitches fall out?

The area will still heal properly even if they fall out the day or surgery.

I am still numb

If numbness persists greater than 1 week after surgery, give us a call. Otherwise, numbness can be normal.

The patient is crying all the way home, what can I do?

This is NORMAL…the medication we have can make patients cry for no reason. As the medication wears off, the crying will stop.

When can I brush?

You can brush your teeth 24 hours after surgery.

When can I wear my retainer?

You can wear your retainer the day after surgery.

When can I eat solid foods?

24 hours after surgery you can start adding solid foods back into your diet. Using your discretion on how chewing makes you feel.

When can I drink through a straw?

3 days after surgery

When can I smoke and can I put gauze over the socket and smoke?

You can smoke again, 3 days after surgery. No putting gauze over the socket does no good.

My denture will not stay in, can I take it out?

Yes you can take it out, You will probably need to contact your dentist to realign your denture

I feel sharp edges where my tooth was.

That is normal to feel. You are feeling the bone that the tooth set in. It will wear down and cover with gum, eventually.